Promax PROMAX-4 Cable TV Analysers

Manufacturer: Promax

Model: PROMAX-4

Origin: England

Warranty: 12 months

Specifications PROMAX-4


Tuning range: From 45 to 862 MHz

Tuning method: Through channels, frequency or programs

Channel plans: One channel plan, configurable from PC through RM-006

Frequency: 62.5 kHz

Indication: LCD alphanumeric display with back lighting

Operating modes

Level measurement

Measurement range: 20 dBµV to 120 dBµV

Readout: Digital in dBµV or dBmV. Resolution 1 dB.

IF bandwidth: 230 kHz ± 50 kHz

Input impedance: 75 Ω

Audible indicator: Audible tone varies with the signal level

Accuracy typical

Analogue channels: ±2 dB (from 0 to 0ºC)

Video / Audio

Measurement range: From 0 to 40 dB

Carrier-to-noise (C/N)

Measurement range

Analogue channels: From 40 to 50 dB


Demodulation: AM/FM/Level

Output: Internal speaker / external headphones

Power requirements

NiCD battery: 7.2 V – 0.8 Ah

Low battery: Display indicator

Auto power off: Automatic power off after few minutes without operation

Battery charger: By external fast charger

Battery autonomy: 1 h 45 minutes (approx.)

Mechanical features

Dimensions 70 mm (W.) x 218 mm (H.) x 50 mm (Pr.)

(90 mm width at display)

Weight 580 g (Battery included)



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