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Pulsar measurement MDot™ Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Flow Accuracy

Air: ±1% of reading ±0.2% of full scale

Other gases: ±1.5% of reading ±0.5% of full scale

Accuracy specification applies to customer’s selected flow range

Unobstructed Pipe Requirement:

Insertion: 15 diameters upstream, 5 diameters downstream

Inline: 8 diameters upstream, 4 diameters downstream

Flow Repeatability: ±0.2% of full scale

Flow Response Time: 0.8 seconds (one time constant)

Temperature Accuracy: ±0.6° C (±1° F)

Calibration: Factory calibration to NIST-traceable standards

MDot Cal: In-situ, operator-initiated calibration validation


Gas Selections: Air, Methane, or Methane and CO2 mix (Digester or Bio Gas)

MDot GasSelect: Allows the user to change gas selection and Methane/ CO2 mixture percentage in the field

Gas Pressure (max):

Insertion: 51 barg (740 psig)

Inline, 316SS w/ NPT ends: 34.5 barg (500 psig)

Inline, 316SS w/ ANSI150 ends: 16 barg (230 psig)

Inline, Carbon Steel w/ NPT ends: 34.5 barg (500 psig)

Inline, Carbon Steel w/ ANSI150 ends: 20 barg (285 psig)

NOTE: If Teflon (PTFE) ferrule option ordered, max gas pressure is 4.1 barg (60 psig)

Operating Temperature:

MDot DST Sensor: -40 to 121°C (-40 to 250°F)

Enclosure: -40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F)

NOTE: Display dims below -20°C (-4°F). Function returnedmonce temperature rises again.

Flow Velocity Range: 0.07 to 118 NMPS (15 to 25,000 SFPM)

Turndown: Up to 1000:1, 100:1 typical





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