PULSAR 42K 声级计套件 (Class 2, 20–140 dBA)

Measurement Range: 20 – 140 dBA
Noise Floor Limit: 21 dBA (18 dBA for Class 1)
Peak Measurement: 143 dBC
Measurement function: Lxy, Lxy Max, Lxy Min
IEC International Standards: IEC 61672-1 (Class 1 and Class 2) / IEC 60651:2001 (type 1 and 2) / IEC 60804:2000 (type 1 and 2)IEC61252:1993
Microphone Type: Class + PM1 pre-polarized
Frequency Weightings: RMS & Peak: A, C, Z all measured simultaneously
Time Weightings: F (Fast, 125ms), S (Slow, 1s) & I (Impulse, 0.35ms) all measured simultaneously
Memory: 4GB removable Compact Flash memory card
Display: High resolution anti-glare OLEd display with ambient light sensor & illuminated keypad
Frequency bands: 31.5Hz to 16kHz
Battery Type: 6x AA Alkaline batteries
Battery Life: typically > 30 hours
Dimensions: 280mm x 80mm x 42mm
Weight: 440 grams (without batteries)
External Connections: USB 2.0 Mini-B to PC / AC output via 3.5mm Stereo jack / AC & dC output via Multipin I/O socket
Accesories: User manual, Calibration certificate included in the price, AA Batteries (6), Wrist strap, AnalyzerPlus - Pulsar download analysis and reporting software, USB download cable, WS90 Windshield, K4 Hard Kit Case, 106 Acoustic Calibrator



Standard features:

Model 41Class 1SPLA C Z (simultaneous measurement) frequency weighting
F S & I (simultaneous measurement) Time weighting
Model 42Class 2SPL

A C Z (simultaneous measurement) frequency weighting
F S & I (simultaneous measurement) Time weighting


Input & Output Cables
PSR101 - Nova 1m Mini-B to Type A USB Cable
PSR171 - Nova power input cable, 2.1mm Power Jack, 2m
PSR174 - Nova AC & DC Output, 18 way to 2 x Phono, 1m
PSR176 - Nova 12v Battery pack cable 2m to tinned ends with inline fuse
PSR177 - Nova AC output cable, 3.5mm Mono to 3.5mm Stereo Jack, 2m
PSR185 - Nova AC output cable, 18 way to Phono, 1m
PSR190 - Nova power input cable, 2.1mm Power Jack & mains power supply

Options Ordering Codes 
- Model 41 & Model 42
PSR0110 - Data Logging

PSR0111 - Manual audio record & Data 
PSR0112 - Audio Note & Data Logging
PSR0113 - Repeat Timer & Data Logging
PSR012   - Single Timer
PSR013   - Leq/Peak & C-A
PSR014   - Pause / Back erase
PSR015  - TWA/ dose
PSR016  - Ln Values
PSR017  - Real Time 1:1 octave band filters

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