Puton ST-6K 浪涌测试器 (200V ~ 6,000V(±3%))

Test Voltage: 200V ~ 6,000V(±3%), 100V step

Output energy Max: 0.25J

Inductance Range of Test Coil: 10μH Above

Sampling Rate: 12bit / 5ns (200MHz)

Sampling Memory Depth: 600 X 12 bit

Input Resistance: 10MΩ

Display: 800 x 480,7”TFT-LCD

Waveform type and measurement: Area Size Comparison, AREA

DiffZone Comparison, DIF

Comparison Corona Number Comparison, CORON

Corona Amount, COROS

Lenz Percent Error, LPE

Corona Discharge Current Pulse, CDCP

Storage Waveforms: Interanl 20 sets, external USB availabe for CSV format

Comparison Output: Pass/Fail display, beeping

Communication: RS-232, I/O, TCP/IP

Operation Temperature: 0°C~45°C(32°F~113°F)

Voltage: 100V/240V AC

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Dimension: L x W x H 340 × 328.4 × 167.08 mm

Weight: 6.8Kg

PC requirement: Windows 10、Windows 11

Application: Electric vehicle motor power inductors, power chokes, transformers, inductors, coils, winding product manufacturers, winding component IQC

Standard Accessories: Main unit x1

High voltage test line x1

AC power cord x1

RS-232 to USB cable x1

Ethernet cable x1

Optional Accessories foot switch x1



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