QJ3005EHIII 直流电源(0~30V / 0~5A,2路输出)

Output: Dual
Output Voltage: 0 ~ 30V
Output Current: 0 ~ 5A
Fixed Voltage Ouput: 5V/3A
Resolution: 10mV/1mA
Ripple & Noise: CV <= 1mVrm & CC <= 5mVrm
Load effect: CV1x10 ^ -4 + 3mV
Dimensions (WxHxD): 260x160x360mm
Weight (kg): 13
+ Highly circuit shows steady resolution ratio
+ 0-30V, 3A/5A tow-way one-way adjustable and fixed output 5V/3A
+ Over current protection
+ Constant voltage, constant current, low ripple & noise, low drift
+ Pre-setting current limit
+ Two-way are automatically connected in series or in parallel mode, the machine can be connected as positive his negative power output
+ Loopy potentiometer voltage set makes more easy
+ Double four color LCD digital panel meters for his current voltage.
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