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QUICK A300T SMT和焊节AOI (400 ms/FOV)

Inspected PCB : Pre/Post SMT reflow oven inspection

Optical imaging system: 

Camera : 12MP high-speed camera

Light source : Multi-angle high white light

Optical resolution : 10 μm/15 μm

Inspection speed : 400 ms/FOV

Programming mode : Manual programming, CAD data import, AI programming

Defect inspection: 

Component defect : Deviation, missing parts, skew, inverted, overturned, wrong parts, damage, polarity

Soldering joint defect : Icicle, hole, solder bead, solder pad with less/more solder, bridging, warped foot, gold finger pollution/scratch

X-Y axis control system : Linear motor drive

X-Y axis control accuracy : 0.5 μm

PCB carrier size : 50×50mm(Min)~ 510×500mm(Max)

PCB curvature : < 5mm or 2% of PCB diagonal length

PCB measurable thickness : 0.6-5 mm

PCB conveyor height : 880-920 mm

PCB flow direction : Left in and right out, right in and left out (factory setting)

Conveyor loading weight : 15kg

Conveyor width adjustment/conveying : Automatic width adjustment, belt conveying

Height limit of passable component: 

Top : 45mm

Bottom : 45mm

Side : 3 mm

Weight : About 750 kg

Machine sizes : 1000*1500*1650mm

Power requirements : 200-240 V, single phase, 50/60 Hz, 3 kVA

Air source : 5-6 bar

Machine safety : Meet CE standards

Software : Offline programming software, maintenance station & SPC management system (optional) ,Barcode system (optional)



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