REN THANG CF-101S 电容成型机(立式零件) 带式电容裁断机 (60,000 pcs/h)

Power: 110V/220V AC. 60/50HZ

Dimension: 430(L), 320(W), 320(H) mm

Weight: 17 Kgs

Capability: 60,000 pieces /Hour

Models are available for tape pitch 12.7mm & 15mm.

-------CF-101 Manual radial crank,for tape pitch 12.7mm

-------CF-101-S For tape pitch 15mm



HCF-101 Hand-Crank and CF-101 motorized lead cutter offers economical solutions for companies whose assemblies include radial components.

HCF-101 and CF-101 are easy to set up with simple adjustments for cut length.

For cutting taped radial Resistor, Capacitor, Crystal and similar component.

Suitable for roller or boxed packed components.

Compact, suitable for short lead operation with precise dimension control

Noiseless, high performance motor with speed adjustable.



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