REN THANG CF-366 自动散装电容剪脚机

Power: 110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ

Weight: 145 Kgs

Capability: 18,000pcs/Per hour

Dimension: 1150mm (L), 700mm(W), 1050mm(H)

CF-366 = CF-3661+CF-3662+CF-3663

CF-3661 Cylindrical Parts (Dia. 4~8)

CF-3662 Cubolds Parts (L*W*H) 3*3*3~15*23*8

CF-3663 Oblate Parts (Dia.*Thisckness) 4*3~8*16



Equipped with adjustable feeding track automatic bowl feeder.

The track is adjustable for cutting varied type components, including cylindrical, cuboids, oblate components, etc.

Powerful machine is suitable for mass production used.

It's the best selection for mass production in short lead operation.

The Automatic bowl feeder is independent that can be separated.

The modes are listed for reference as bellow.



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