REN THANG KA-B60 PCB引线切割机(焊接机的输入/输出传送带)


Feeding Speed:0 - 3m (Adjustable)

Min. Lead Height:1.0mm Min

MAX.PCB Working Size: 500mm(L) x 300mm(W)

RPM of Brushing:600 RPM/1/2HP

Dimension:1160(L) x 730(W) x 800(H)

Net Weight:200Kgs;Power:220V 50/60HZ



PCB Working Range: 10mm ~ 300mm.

Brush is optional selected for cleaning leads ahered after cutting.

Available for connecting with Wave soldering machine in mass production.

PCB Wrap proof device is equipped.

The height of Back/Front conveyors are adjustable to meet various kind of connection.

The Tungsten Carbide Blade is excluded in the machine.

RPM of Spindle:4500



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