REN THANG RF-101-M 电阻成型机

Body length: 3.8 - 20 mm

Body diameter: 2.3-8 mm

Shoulder: 1.2 min

Height: Fixed at 8mm or more

Lead Length: Adjustable

Support point: 2 ~ 3mm

Pitch: A + 2C

Wire diameter: 0.4-1.3 mm

Power: 110/220 V AC. 60/50HZ

Size: 1050(L), 600(W), 650(H) mm

Weight: 115 kgs (N.W.) 175 kgs (G.W.)

RF-101-M For both LOSSE and TAPE packed components.

Moving control: Manual rotation, stepping intermittent, Fully automatic, three different modes for choice.

Please review the attached PDF for reference.



RF-101M = (RF-101MA) + (RF-101MB). RF-101M is available for tape packed (MB model) and Loose in bulk (MA Model).

Powerful, heavy-duty Auto Axial Lead former/ cutter, with customized die set available for various forming specification.

Tailored / Custome die is available for any lead forming specification. Welcome to email drawing for our best solution for you.

[Optional Accessory] Lead-supporter device ( Pressure relief) : When bending the components leads, the supporters hold the lead to prevent from damage.

Never damage lcomponent leads or components body.

RF-101M, Lead forming machine is suitable for mass production line.

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