REN THANG RT-80F 手摇带式电阻成型机 (50,000 pcs/h)

Body length: 3.6 - 18 mm

Lead Length: 2-12 mm

Shoulder: 3.5 min

Wire diameter: 0.35-0.8 mm

Body diameter: 1.5-6 mm

Pitch: 2.5-13.5 mm

Support lead: 25mm Max

R Angle: 1-3 mm

Dimension: 380(L) x180(W) x 210 (H) mm

Weight: 8kgs (N.W.); 9 kgs (G.W.)

Production Rate: 25,000 piece / hour. This depends on operator's speed.

RT-80F, RT-82F, RT-86F, RT-90F ----Vertical bending (F type) lets compoent stand up right on PCB

Please refer to attached PDF file.



RT-80F Series Axial Lead Former-- axial lead formers with rotary disc cutters offer no-tool-required setup and changeover.

Cutting and bending in one step. Relaed parameters are adjustable. ( Lead lenght, pitch)

Independent rotary disc cutters for longer and durable cutting life.

Heavy duty construction, full adjustable for lead spacing, leads length, part diameter, and shoulder length.

Independent rotary disc cutters for longer cutting life. Consumable spare parts.

OEM, DIP, PCBA Insertion line's most helpful equipment!



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