Rigol DG1022Z 25MHz双通道频率发生器函数任意波形发生器


Channel 2

Maximum Frequency 25MHz 

Sample Rate 200MSa/s


Basic waveforms Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise

Built-in Arbitrary


160 kinds, including Sinc, Exponential Rise, Exponential

Fall, ECG, Gauss, HaverSine, Lorentz, Dual-Tone, etc.

Frequency Characteristics

Sine 1μHz to 25MHz 

Square 1μHz to 25MHz

Ramp 1μHz to 500kHz 

Pulse 1μHz to 15MHz 

Harmonic 1μHz to 10MHz

Noise (-3dB) 25MHz

Output Characteristics

Amplitude (into 50 Ω)


≤10MHz: 1.0mVpp to 10Vpp

≤30MHz: 1.0mVpp to 5.0Vpp

≤60MHz: 1.0mVpp to 2.5Vpp

Accuracy Typical (1kHz Sine, 0V Offset, >10mVpp, Auto)

±1% of setting ± 1mV


Typical (Sine 2.5Vpp)

≤10MHz: ±0.1dB

≤60MHz: ±0.2dB

Units Vpp, Vrms, dBm

Resolution 0.1mVpp or 4digits

Offset (into 50 Ω)

Range (Peak ac+dc) ±5Vpk ac+dc

Accuracy ±(1% of setting+5mV+0.5% of amplitude)

Waveform Output

Impedance 50Ω (typical)

Protection Short-circuit protection, automatically disable waveform

output when overload occurs

Burst Characteristics

Carrier Waveform Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise, Arb (except DC)

Carrier Frequency 2mHz to 25MHz 

Burst Count 1 to 1,000,000 or Infinite

Start/Stop Phase 0° to 360°, 0.1° resolution

Internal Period 1μs to 500s

Gated Source External Trigger

Trigger Source Internal, External or Manual

Trigger Delay 0ns to 100s

Sweep Characteristics

Carrier Waveform Sine, Square, Ramp, Arb (except DC)

Type Linear, Log or Step

Direction Up/Down

Start/Stop Frequency Consistent with the upper/lower limit of the frequency of

the carrier waveform

Sweep Time 1ms to 500s

Hold/Return Time 0ms to 500s

Trigger Source Internal, External or Manual

Mark Falling edge of the Sync signal (programmable)


Function Frequency, Period, Positive/Negative Pulse Width,

Duty Cycle

Frequency Resolution 7 digits/second (Gate Time =1s)

Frequency Range 1μHz to 200MHz

Period Measurement Measurement Range

General Specifications


Power Voltage 100V to 240V (45Hz to 440Hz)

Power Consumption Less than 40W

Fuse 250V, T3.15A


Type 3-inch TFT LCD

Resolution 320 Horizontal×RGB×240 Vertical Resolution

Color 16M color


Dimensions(W×H×D) 261.5mm×112mm×318.4mm

Weight without package: 3.2kg

with package: 4.5kg

Interfaces USB Host, USB Device, LAN

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