RX-415 型便携式可燃气体氧气二合一气体检测仪


  RX-415 (HC version) RX-415 (CH4 version)
Gas Detected
Oxygen (O2)
Oxygen (O2)
Detection Principle NDIR (Non-Dispersive infrared) Galvanic cell NDIR (Non-Dispersive infrared)
Galvanic cell
Detection Range (Increments) 0~100%LEL
0-100vol% (0.5%vol/digit)
(auto range)
0-25 vol% (0.1%vol/digit) 0~100%LEL
0-100vol% (0.5%vol/digit)
(auto range)
0-25 vol% (0.1%vol/digit)
Sampling Method Built in sample pump
Response Time
Within 30 seconds (T90)
Ambient Temp/ Humidity
-10°C ~ + 40°C(14 to 104°F), below 90%RH, non-condensing
Continuous Operation Approx. 40 hours (no alarm or light, at 20ºC)
Power Source 4 “C” Alkaline dry cell batteries or optional Ni-Cad
Dimensions & Weight Approx. 80 (H) x 200 (W) x 142 (D) mm (3.1” H x 7.9” W x 5.6" D), approx. 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
Standard Accessories
      Filter tube with flow monitor

      Connection tube (green)

      Spiral sampling tube

      Gas sampling probe

      Carrying case with shoulder strap

      Alkaline battery (4 "C" size)

    Operation manual
Optional Accessories
      Sampling tube (30M)

      Gas sampling bag

    Ni-Cad battery charger
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