Rotronic Easidew I.S 露点发射器(危险区域应用)


-Measurement range: 

–100 to +20°C dew point

–110 to +20°C dew point

Accuracy: ±2°C dew point

Response time: 5 mins to T95 (dry to wet)

Repeatability: 0.5°C dew point

Calibration: Traceable 7-point calibration certifi cate

-Electrical Specifications

Output signal: 4–20 mA (2-wire connection, current source); User confi gurable over range

Output: Dew point or moisture content for ppmV

Analog output scaled range: 

Dew point: –100 to +20°C

Moisture content in gas: 0–3000 ppmV

Non-standard available upon request

Supply voltage: 12 to 28 V DC

Load resistance: Max 250 Ω @ 12 V (500 Ω @ 24 V)

Current consumption: 20 mA max

CE marked: Certified

-Operating Specifications

Operating temperature: -40 to +60°C

Compensated Temperature Range: -20 to +50°C

NOTE: The transmitter accuracy statement is only valid for the temperature range: -20/+50°C

Storage Temperature: -40 to +60°C

Operating pressure: 45 MPa (450 barg) maximum

Overpressure rating: x2 operating pressure 90 MPa (900 barg)

Flow rate: 1 to 5 Nl/min mounted in standard sampling block; 0 to 10m/sec direct insertion

-Mechanical Specifications

Ingress protection: 

IP66 in accordance with standard

BS EN 60529:1992,

NEMA 4 in protection accordance with standard

NEMA 250–2003

Hazardous area certificates: 

ATEX: II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (–20°C to +70°C)

IECEx: Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (–20°C to +70°C)

TC TR: 0Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (–20°C to +70°C)

FM: Class I, Division 1, Groups A B C D, T4

cCSAus: Class I, Division 1, Groups A B C D, T4

Housing material: 316 stainless steel

Dimensions: L=132mm x ø45mm (with connector)

Filter (sensor protection): 

Standard: HDPE Guard <10μm

Optional: 316 stainless steel sintered guard <80μm

Process connection and material: 

5/8"- 18 UNF

Alternatives: G1/2" BSP or 3/4"- 16 UNF

316 stainless steel

Weight: 150g

Interchangeability: Fully interchangeable transmitter

Electrical connections: Hirschmann GDS series (DIN 4350-C)



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