Rotronic HP32 数字温度湿度计

General specifications

Device type: Handheld device (%RH / °C)

Compatible probes: All HC2A and HC2 probes

Application range :-10…60 °C | 0…100 %RH (non-cond.)

Storage range: -10…45 °C | 10…90 %RH

Probe application range: Depends on the probe

Accuracy: Depends on the probe

Functions: Spot measurements

Programmable logging interval


Logging interval: 1 s…24 h

Memory capacity: 8 x 8000 data points

Psychrometric calculations

Dew / Frost point (Dp / Fp)

Wet bulb temperature (Tw)

Enthalpy (H)

Vapor concentration (Dv)

Specific humidity (Q)

Mixing ratio by weight (R)

Vapor pressure (E)

Saturation vapor pressure (Ew)

Saturation vapor density (SVD)

Calculation method WMO Standard

Display refresh rate: 1 s (typical)

Integrated battery Lithium polymer, 3.7 V, 1000 mAh

48 h – Logging every 30 s, screen off

10 h – Screen always on

PC interface: Micro-USB port, HW4 compatible > V3.9

Housing / Mechanics

Enclosure material: ABS, TPR

IP protection: class IP65

Dimensions: 160 x 63 x 30 mm

Weight: 185 g


- HP32

- Micro USB cable

- Key code HW4-Lite software

- Instruction manual

- Carrying case

- Moisture probe of HC2A-S

- 5m long cable



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