Rotronic HP32-S-SET 便携式温湿度测试和记录器 (-10…60°C, 0…100%RH)

Device type: Handheld device (%RH / °C)

Compatible probes: All HC2A and HC2 probes

Application range: -10…60 °C | 0…100 %RH (non-cond.)

Storage range: -10…45 °C | 10…90 %RH

Probe application range: Depends on the probe

Accuracy: Depends on the probe


Spot measurements

Programmable logging interval


Logging interval: 1 s…24 h

Memory capacity: 8 x 8000 data points

Psychrometric calculations: 

Dew / Frost point (Dp / Fp)

Wet bulb temperature (Tw)

Enthalpy (H)

Vapor concentration (Dv)

Specific humidity (Q)

Mixing ratio by weight (R)

Vapor pressure (E)

Saturation vapor pressure (Ew)

Saturation vapor density (SVD)

Calculation method: WMO Standard

Display refresh rate: 1 s (typical)

Integrated battery: Lithium polymer, 3.7 V, 1000 mAh

48 h – Logging every 30 s, screen off

10 h – Screen always on

PC interface: Micro-USB port, HW4 compatible > V3.9

Enclosure material: ABS, TPR

IP protection class: IP65

Dimensions: 160 x 63 x 30 mm

Weight: 185 g

Consisting of:

• 1x HP32 handheld instrument

• 1x HC2A-S Standard probe



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