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Samyon SPH-200D 台式恒温器振动台 (400W)

Control mode: P.I.D (Microcomputer scans the micro-processing chip) 

Display mode: LCD (Double display of large liquid crystal screen) 

Circulation mode: Forced convection 

Shaking mode: Orbital shaking

Drive mode: Balancing device with single shaft (Chinese patent) 

Temperature range: 4°C-60°C 

Accuracy of temperature: ±0.1°C

Temperature uniformity: ±0.5°C

Rotary frequency: 30~60rpm

Rotary accuracy: ±1rpm 

Shimmy amplitude: $0-50mm  

Safety function: Sound and light alarm for temperatures above or below the upper or lower limit; alarm for speeds above or below the upper or lower limit; separate over-temperature protector; shutdown protection for door opening. 

Additional functions: Storage of rotary speed, startup after power again, recording of parameters, temperature and speed calibration, clock display and display of room temperature and actual temperature. 

Programming functions: Programing of repetition, steps and eight curves settings

Coolant: CFC-Free (134A) safe cooling system

Cooler: 118W

Heater: 150W 

Timing range: 0-500 hours/continuous 

Size of shaking plate: 420×400(mm) 

Maximum capacity: 1000ml 9 or 250ml*16 

Standard configuration: 500ml*3/250ml*4/100ml*5/ 50ml*5 

Number of shaking plate:  One 

Net weight: 100kg 

Gross weight: 132kg

Size of cavity: 460×500×350(mm)

Shape size:  700×740×560(mm) 

Power: 580W 

Motor: 60W Inverter motor  

Power supply: AC 200-240V 50-60HZ 

Material of cavity:  Imported high quality stainless steel mirror panel 

Material of box: ABS special engineering plastic box shell 


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