SAUTER HDA100-1 数显式硬度计 (0~100 HA)

Shore A, 0 and D to measure the hardness of plastics through penetration measurement
Shore A rubber, elastomers, neoprene, silicone, vinyl, soft plastics, felt, leather and similar material
Shore 0 foam, sponge
Shore D plastics, formica, epoxides, plexiglass etc.
Internal memory for up to 500 measurements
Delivered in a hard carrying case
Particularly recommended for internal comparison measurement. Standard calibrations e. g. to DIN 53505 are often not possible because of very narrow standard tolerances
Can be attached to the test stands TI-A0L (for Shore A and A0), TI-DL (for Shore D) to improve measuring uncertainty
Large display with backlight
Selectable: AUTO-OFF function or continuous operation, charge indicator

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