SEKONIC FEM-1000V-EXMT 振动式在线粘度计 (L, M, H, 0.50~20000mPa.s)


        Probe: Exd II CT3

        Slave / controller: Exd II BT6

Viscosity Measuring Range / Accuracy / Repeatability

        L range: 0.50~1000mPa・s / ±1%(Reading) / ±1%(Reading)

        M range: 10.0~5000mPa・s / ±1%(Reading) / ±1%(Reading)

        H range: 500~20000mPa・s / ±1%(Reading) / ±1%(Reading)

Measuring fluid temperature range: 0~150℃

Temperature Range: 0~180℃

Calibrating method: Calibration with Standard Liquids for Calibrating Viscometers (JIS Z8809-2011)

Output: Viscosity and temperature each 4~20mA any setting output

(output resolution 16bit) And RS232C interface output

System requirements: 10~40°C, 20~80%RH(No Condensation)

Power: DC24V

Equipment configuration

        Probe Model: FVM80A-PEMT  

        Controller model: FEM-1000-EXSC (slave controller) / SMC-1000V (master controller)   

        Other: Cable connected to probe L = 5m; Three flameproof gasket 3pieces



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