SEKONIC FVM70A-ST Inline Viscometer (L/M/H; 0.5~20000mPa・s, ±2%)

Measuring Range

        L-Type *Note 1: 0.5~1000mPa・s

        M-Type *Note 1: 10~5000mPa・s

        H-Type *Note 1: 500~20000mPa・s

Accuracy: ±2%(Reading) *Note 2

Repeatability: ±1%(Reading) *Note 2

Temperature Range: 0~100℃

Wetted temperature range: 0~70℃

Calibrating method: Calibration with Standard Liquids for Calibrating Viscometers(JIS Z8809-2011)

Viscosity display: 3-digit LCD display (Without decimal point)

Temperature display: 3-digit LCD display (Without decimal point)

System requirements: 10~40°C, 20~80%RH(No condensation)

Analog output: 4~20mA viscosity ×1 temperature × 1

Digital output: RS232C interface output

Power: Input:DC24V 700mA

Probe mounting size: Insertion hole diameter:Φ46、Mounting bolt:Φ60 on the circumference, M4 × 4 pieces

Wetted Materials: Flange: SUS304, the vibrator part: SUS316

Weight and Dimensions

       Probe:Φ46・Φ70×L190[mm](including a connecting portion), approximately 1.4kg

       Controller: H72xW220xD220[mm] (except the connecting portion and terminal block) approximately 1.7kg

Accessories: Connecting cable (5m) *Note 3, manual



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