Mark reading sensor

        Read head: Photo refletion sensor

        Reading slide: Single side (Standard); Dual sides (Option)

        Light source: Infla-red (Standard); Visible (Option)

        Mark reading sensor: Photo reflection sensor 

        Light source: Infla-red (Standard); Visible red ray (Option)

        Mark implements: Pencil (Standard); Pencil + Pen (Option)

        Mark shapes: Rectangles, Ovals, and Circles

        Read head channels: 48 Channels (1/6"), 40 Channels (0.2")

Image reading sensor

        Sensor: CIS (Contact image sensor)

        Width capacity: 228.6mm

        Reading side: Dual sides (Standard)

        Type of image: Color, Gray, Black & White image

        Resolution: Up to 300 dpi

        Light source: Red, Green, Blue (620, 530, 467nm)

        Output file: JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PING, GIF

Connect with computer: USB 2.0


        Panel: 40 Characters (20x2 lines)

        Control button: 5 buttons

Form capacity

        ADF (Form Input): up to 500 sheets

        Form Output: 500 sheets (Accept tray); 150 sheets (Rejects tray)


        Form Width: 63.5 to 228.6mm (2.5 to 9")

        Form Length: 110 to 355.6mm (4.3 to 14")

        Number of Rows: 140 Rows

        Thickness: OMR: 84 to 157 g/m² (72 to 135 Kg)

Throughput Speeds

        OMR: Upto 5,300 sheets / hr

        OMR + Image: Upto 5,000 sheets / hr


        Vol. / Relatives: AC 100 to 240V / 50 to 60Hz


        Temp / Humid: 5 to 35°C / 30 to 80%

Dimensions W x H x D: 365 x 490 x 800 mm; (14.4 x 19.4 x 31.5")

Weight: 38 Kg ( 81.5 lb)


        Select Stacker: Select Stacker

        Barcode (Horizontal): Option

        Barcode (Horizontal): Option

        Printer: Standard

Accessories: CD-ROM, (Mannual, USB Driver, Software Developement Kit), (API, Diagnostic utility software), Power cable, USB cable



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