Senko SS2128 一氧化碳传感器(0-2,000 ppm CO)


• Ideal for portable instrument

• Industry safety (ambient air monitoring appllications)

• Residential CO alarms

• Fire alarms

• Etc.

Performance Characteristics

Output Signal: 70±20 nA/ppm

Typical Baseline Range (pure air): ≤±2 ppm CO equivalent

Filter Capacity: ≥20,000 ppm hours

T90 Response Time: <25 seconds

Measurement Range: 0-2,000 ppm

Maximum Overload: 5,000 ppm

Linearity: Linear up to 2,000 ppm

Repeatability: ≤±2 ppm CO equivalent

Recommended Load Resistor: 10 ohms

Resolution (Electronics Dependent): ≤0.5 ppm typical


Temperature Range Continuous: -20℃ to +50℃

Pressure Range: 800 to 1200 mbar

Operating Humidity Range: 15% to 90% Rh

Life Time

Long Term Output Drift: ≤5% per annum

Recommended Storage Temp.: 0℃ to 20℃

Expected Operating Life:  ≥24 months in air

Standard Warranty: 24 months from data od dispatch

Intrinsic Safety Data: Maximum at 10,000ppm


Maximum o/c Voltage: <1.0V

Maximum s/c Current: <0.1A



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