SENSOREX CT-1000PT 环路供电盲接触式电导率变送器 (0~5000uS, K=1, 4~20mA)

Measuring Range: 0~5000uS (K=1)

Linearity: +/- 2% of span

Dimensions: 38(W) x 51(L) x 41(H)  mm

Operating Temperature: -25 to 70 ⁰ C

Temperature Compensation: 0-50 ⁰ C with 10K NTC (in electrode) for CT1000, 0-100 Degrees C with Pt1000RTD(in electrode) for CT1000

Output: 4-20mA

Power Requirement: 12-36V DC, 0-750 Ohm load resistor

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