SEW 4338 mO 数字毫欧表和电阻测试仪 (0 ~ 11000mΩ)

- 4-Wire method for mΩ.
- It's about 100mA at 1100.0mΩ range.
- It's about 10mA at 11000mΩ range.
- Measures down to 100µΩ (0.1mΩ).
- Maximum resolution of 100µΩ.
- Large LCD (68×34mm).
- Relative mode.
- Data hold function.
- MAX/MIN function.
- Power source: 1.5V "C" battery × 8
- Long battery life and stable power.
- Low battery indication.

mΩ measurement (4-wire method)
- Measuring ranges (mΩ)
0~1100.0mΩ in steps of 100uΩ
0~11000mΩ in steps of 1mΩ
- Accuracy
±0.8% of reading ±4 digits over the
operating temperature range
0°C ~ 40°C, with the supplied test
Resistance measurement (Auto-ranging 2-wire method)
- Range/ Resolution 
110.00Ω/ 0.01Ω
1.1000kΩ/ 0.1Ω
11.000kΩ/ 1Ω
110.00kΩ /10Ω
1.1000MΩ/ 100Ω
11.000MΩ/ 1KΩ
110.0MΩ/ 100KΩ
- Accuracy
0~2MΩ: ±(1.2%rdg+3dgt)
2~40MΩ: ±(2.0%rdg+4dgt)
40~110MΩ: ±(8.0%rdg+4dgt)

Protection fuse: 200mA/250V×1
Dimensions: 250(L) × 190(W) ×126(D)mm
Weight (battery included): Approx. 1848g
Power source: 1.5V "C" battery × 8
Safety standard: EN 61010-1 CAT IV 20V EN 61326-1

Instruction manual
Test leads
Shoulder belt

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