EinScan 3D扫描仪,(50mm~500mm)


Model EinScan
Application 3D scanning and rapid prototyping of medium and small size plastic products, toys, cartoon dolls.
Resolution 1.3 mega pixels (HC-D2-130)
Measuring Accuracy 0.04~0.15mm
Average sampling point distance 0.14mm
Scanning Range 50mm~500mm
Scanning Mode Non-contact white light scanning
Single range scanning speed <5 sec="" td="">
Size 440mm*210mm*125mm
Weight 6.3KG
Way of registration Automatic and best-fit registration together
EinScan 3D scanner is independently developed by Shining3D. The Integrated design is light-weighted , portable and compact. EinScan is a new entry-level 3D scanner suitable for designers, students, 3D printing enthusiasts and 3D digitizing entertainment fans.
●   3D scanning; ●   3D digitizing entertainment; ●   Rapid prototyping & 3D printing
EinScan 3D scanner
1. Easy operation, rapid responds
-  The equipment is ready for use only after calibration, without debugging. And it is easy to operate.
2. Integrated design, dust resistance
-  EinScan adopt integrated design, dust resistance, which raise the stability of the equipment.
3. Professional & cost-effective
-  EinScan especially suitable for 3D scan of medium and small size plastic products, toys, cartoon dolls, and 3d print data capturing. It is cost effective equipment with the feature of high speed, stability, and efficiency.
  EinScan 3D Scanner Workflow


EinScan 3D Scanner Workflow
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