Shining3D FreeScan X5 + 3D扫描仪/ 尺寸测量/ 用于检查/ 激光

Components: AirMaster, USB- air line, Battery*3, Charger

Scan rate: 350,000 points/s

Connection standard: USB3.0/WiFi

Accuracy: 0.035mm

Volumetric accuracy: 0.02+0.08 mm/m

Stand-off distance: 300 mm

Depth of field: 250 mm 

Scanning part size: 0.1-8.0m, expandable

Windows system: windows 7/windows 10

PC requirements: RAM: 32G or above; CPU:3GHz or above; Display Card: Nvdia discrete graphics card


Weight: 0.8 kg (including battery)

Size: 210 x 100 x 40 (mm)

Operating temperature range: -10 — 40°C

Working humidity range: 10%-90% RH

Battery capacity: 2100 mAh

Sustainable working hours: 3h

Standby time: 12h

Wireless mode: 802.11n/ac

Network environment

Wireless router: 802.11n/ac, the transmission rate is not less than 600Mbps.




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