Shining3D FreeScan X7 3D扫描仪/ 用于检查/ 激光/ 便携式

Measuring Accuracy: 0.03 mm  

Volume Precision: 0.02 mm+0.06 mm/m  

Volume Precision (Combined with DigiMetric): 0.020 mm+0.025 mm/m 

Resolution: 0.05 mm 

Scan Speed: 480, 000 scans/s 

Single Scan Range: 300×275mm  

Scan Range: 100-8000 mm 

Working distance: 300mm

Scan Depth: 250mm

Supporting Program for Extended Measurement: DigiMetric

Light Source: 14 line laser ray

Laser Category: Class II ( eye safe )

Software: 3DScan

Output Data Format: STL, ASC, DGM, OBJ, etc., and compatible with the mainstream 3D software

OS System Support: win10 64bit

Operation Temperature: -10-40 °C

Transmission Mode: USB 3.0

Weight: 0.95 kg

Dimension: 130 x 90 x 310 mm




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