Shodensha LRA200HD-2E 远程全高清显微镜(边缘固定型))


*General Specification 

Set the working distance at 400mm Magnification 3x-30x/ Field of view 105.0mmx59.0mm(3x)、 11.0mmx6.1mm(30x)

Set the working distance at 300mm Magnification 5x-50x/ Field of view 75.0mmx42.1mm(5x)、 8.0mmx4.5mm(50x)

Set the working distance at 200mm Magnification 8x-80x/ Field of view 47.0mmx26.0mm(8x)、 5.0mmx2.8mm(80x)

Working distance 400mm~200mm


Camera HD

Extension kits

USB Flash(8GB)

Protective cover

Zoom lens

Stand with 3D arm (for Edge fixed type)


High dynamic range feature

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