ShuttleStar AT-6350U BGA 返修台

Max PCB size 400X500mm
Workable area :400X500mm
PCB thickness :0.5-5mm
Max thickness :8mm with custom-made jig
Max size      :70mm x 70mm
Min size      :1mm x 1mm
Max weight    :80g
Accuracy      :20um
Temperature control : Upper heater  :350℃; Lower heater  :350℃; Bottom heater :300℃
Control model 16 zones of programmable temperature setting  for profile
Power consumption System total power 8000W
Upper heater :1000W
Lower heater :1000W
Bottom heater :6000W
Dimension     :870*920*1580mm
Weight Appox  :300KG
Input voltage :Single phase AC 220V  50/60Hz   8.0KW


Heater head and suction nozzle designed 2 in 1; functioned with auto-rotate,
 auto-align, auto-solder and auto-desolder;
Suction nozzle move up individually, able to rework chipset 0101
While moving the lower heater, we can adjust its height,
which can avoid the problem that the components on PCB are damaged
during the lower heater is moving.
7 electric motors controls all actions; vision system, top heating system
and under heating system are all controlled by joystick; makes alignment fast;
The traditional temperature control  mode of on-off control is replaced
by analog quantity control, which makes temperature more accurate;
Three independent heating systems, temperature and time can be displayed
digitally on the touch screen, able to repair difficultly-reworked BGA;
with alarm function in abnormal heating;
The top heater adopts independent patent design, cooling and heating designed 2 in 1,
which makes temperature control more accurate;
The bottom heater is consist of 6 pieces of imported light-wave heating tube.
 With high-temperature glass plate, heating can be controlled individually.
Bottom preheat area can be adjusted according to PCB size to heat the PCB
 evenly to avoid deformation and keep soldering effect;
With function of over-heating protection and environment-friendly.
Top heater driven by servo motor; suction nozzle can identify material
 and mounting height automatically, and can control the air pressure within a small range;
Both upper and lower hot-air heating head are movable on the IR preheating area
to fit for reworking BGA in different positions on PCB.
PCB support holder can be pulled out and set length, which is easy for clamping PCB
Laser pointer for alignment, easy for fixing PCB
With function of Bar code scanner reading program;
Color optical system with functions of split vision, zoom - in and micro-adjustment,
 equipped with aberration  detection device; with auto focus and software operation function,
27X optical focus; able to rework BGA sized up to 70mm*70mm;
Touch screen interface, PLC control; able to display set temperature curves
and five detecting temperature curves at the same time; 8 segments of temperature up (down)
and 8 segments constant temperature control, more than 50000 groups of  profile can be stored.;
Profile analysis can be carried out on the touch screen;
Built in vacuum pump; max. vacuum suction up to 80g,which can be micro-adjusted.
Suction  nozzle can be rotated in 360°;
The supports rack can be adjusted to restrain the local sinkage of the BGA soldering area;
Finished the BGA rework process under the nitrogen save through remain the nitrogen joggle in advance,
 have special function for saving nitrogen to save cost.
Heater head and mounting head are designed 2 in 1 ,
auto memorize different BGA heating positions and alignment positions;
Alloy nozzle can be located in 360°;
Adjustable universal BGA Reballing Kit, fixed BGA Reballing Kit (can be custom-made)
Common stencils for laptop BGA 33pcs/set
Universal stencils or particular stencils (can be custom-made)
Equipped with different suction nozzles in various specification;

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