KARL FISCHER TitroLine®KF trace 微量水分测试电压滴定器

TitroLine® KF trace ... Karl Fischer titrations made easy

With the new TitroLine® KF trace the coulometric water determination according to Karl Fischer you cannot go wrong:

The large display shows every work step ahead in a dialogue structure. The pre-parameterized methods are easily recalled and enhance the total work process. Also the versatility makes the both KF titrators a trouble-free KF measuring place for nearly all areas in the industry, such as for pharmaceutical,chemical and petroleum industry.

Some advantages in short:

  • Easy with pre-programmed methods
  • Live titration process with online curve
  • Documentation – exactly the way you require it
  • Automatic selection of the correct calculation formula
  • Extensive statistical evaluation
  • Titration stand and titration vessel
    Accessories made to match
  • Connection of analytical balances, printers, PC KF oven
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Detailed Information
TitroLine® KF and TitroLine® KF trace
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TitroLine® KF trace
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