Counterfeit technology with CIS imaging technology: Scan all sides of money, Count, UV, MG, IR, CIS dual, SDC.

Currency: VND and foreign currencies USD, EURO, RMB, GBP. (Can be ordered according to each order).

European Central Bank ECB Certification 2017

2 CIS sensors to count, denominate, add, discover counterfeit currency VND USD, EURO, RMB, GBP.

Ability to receive, count, sum, automatic detection even if the three types of money VND, USD, EURO to count simultaneously

Counting multiple denominations of 3 types of VND, USD, EURO, total, false

Ability to read the serial numbers of USD, EURO and compare with the money saved in the machine memory to alert users.

Update new software, update the new counterfeit easily through USB

Counting speed: 3 speeds of 800-900-1000 sheets per minute

Recharging tray (top compartment): maximum capacity of 500 sheets and continuous loading.

Removable drawer (center drawer): up to 100 sheets.

Standard cash dispenser (bottom end compartment): 200 sheets.

Dimension sheet can be counted: 60x85x0.08mm ~ 100 x 190x0.12mm

Product dimensions: 280mm Width x 260mm Length x 315mm Height.

3.5inch LCD screen

Weight of equipment: 10 kg

Power supply: DC100 - 240 VAC 50 / 60Hz 1Pha.

Software upgrade: RJ11, USB.

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