SIMCO IQ Power Fantom 静电消除器

Input Voltage: 120V, 60 Hz (2.0A) and 230V, 50/60 Hz (1.25A)

Dimensions: 12.75”D x 26”W x 8”H (31lbs)

Air Volume: Variable, max 600CFM

Effective Coverage: 2’ x 20’ area

Airflow: Distance from Ionizer; full speed 60 Hz

1'; 1600 fpm, 2'; 1300 fpm, 4'; 900 fpm

Air Filter: Replaceable foam filter, 10 ppi

Audible Noise: 64 dBA measured 2' in front on the ionizer operating at high speed

Indicator Lights: Power / Warning / Fault

Mounting: Existing mounting screws or optional tilt bracket

Cleaning: Self-cleaning and replaceable grille/bars

Monitoring: Compatible with the IQ Power Station

Optional accessories: Portable Stand, Tilt Bracket




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