SIMCO Pinner Superbar 耐电弧充电棒

Ionizing Points: Spaced 5/8” between points per row; removable and replaceable for easy maintenance

Voltage: ±30 kV max

Temperature: 0-170˚F (-5 to 77˚C); 110˚F (43˚C) max ambient temperature

Humidity: 70% RH maximum, no dewing permissible

High Voltage: Cable 50 kV rated irradiated polyethylene cable with fire retardant silicone protective tubing; 10’ standard length (0.5” min bend radius)

Pin Current: 375 µA (30 kV short-circuit); point to ground short, no damage, 3 second max (30 kV)

Enclosure: Glass filled polyester, rugged, impact resistant

Dimensions: 1 ¼” H x 6 ½” W x 14 ¼” L; effective pinning length 10.5”

Weight: 5.5 lb



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