SJJW GW50(+)钢筋位置描仪

Investigation depth could reach 180mm
Single comprehensive probe. No need to replace during test.
back-lit screen let instrument can be normal used under the condition of insufficient light
Machine software is complete .The report could be printed automatically connecting with computer
Work environment condition : 
No strong alternating electromagnetic field
No corrosive gas in the air.
Avoid larger vibration and impact
Avoid the LCD panel contact with sunlight directly
Product usage
Testing concrete cover thickness
Test concrete member internal reinforcement position, rebar spacing, reinforcement position distribution.
Estimation bar diameter
Detection of Cable and Plumbing pipe
Technical Specification : 
Bar diameter application range(mm) : Φ6 – Φ50
Maximum value permissible error of Bar diameter : ≤±1
Protective layer thickness measuring range
The first measuring range (mm) : 6 - 90
The second measuring range (mm) : 7-180
The maximum error of reinforced protective layer thickness test value
The first measuring range (mm) : 
6 - 59 (≤±1)
60 - 69 (≤±2)
70 -90 (≤±4)
The second measuring range (mm) : 
7 - 79 (≤±1)
80 - 119 (≤±2)
120 - 180 (≤±4)
Standard Delivery : Main unit, Software, USB connecting cable, Power charger, Carborundum stone, Instruction manual, Warranty card
Optional Accessory : Printer, Power Charger for printer (9V/2A)

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