skSATO SK-620PHII 手柄数显pH计 (0~14pH;0~50°C)

Measuring factors: Hydrogen ion concentration (pH), Temperature (liquid temp.)

Measuring range (w/PHP-31 probe):

pH: 0.00 to 14.00pH

Temp.: 0.0 to 50.0°C

Accuracy (w/PHP-31 probe): 


±(0.3+1digit)pH at 0 to 2pH

±(0.1+1digit)pH at 2 to 12pH

±(0.4+1digit)pH at 12 to 14pH


±0.5°C at 20 to 30 °C

±0.7°C at other than above


pH: 0.01pH

Temp. 0.1°C

Sensing elements: 

pH: Glass electrode     

Temperature: Thermistor


(1) Calibration at three pH points (4.01, 6.86 and 10.01) at 25°C

(2) Auto power-Off

(3) Back light

(4) MAX/MIN, Memory

(5) Auto temperature compensation (ATC)

(6) Manual temperature setting

(7) RS-232C output

Operation ambient: 

Temp.: 0 to 50°C 

Humidity: less than 80%rh (no condensing)

Power requirement: 9VDC 6F22 (006P) battery or AC adaptor (optional)

Battery life: about 20 hours (continuous measurement)


Case : ABS resin      

Electrode :Glass

Dimensions and Weight:

Case: (W)72 x (H)182 x (D) 31.5mm

approx. 220g (includes a battery)

Probe: Ø12 x (L)135mm

approx. 76g   Cord: (L) 1m

Standard accessories: 

(1) PHP-31 Probe

(2) Glass electrode protection bottle

(3) Standard liquid(Phthalate solution, neutral phosphate solution, Carbonate solution)

(4) One 006P battery (9VDC)

(5) Vinyl cover

(6) Carrying case

(7) Instruction manual



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