skSATO SK-8940 红外测温仪 (-40~500°C)

Measuring range: -40 to 500°C


± 2°C or ± 2% rdg at -19.9 to 450.0°C

± 4°C or ± 4%rdg at -40.0 to 20.0°C or -451.0 to 500.0°C 


Ambient temperature: at 23 ± 5°C

calibrated by black body emissivity at 0.95


1°C at higher than 100°C

0.1°C at other than above

Emissivity (*1): Adjustable at 0.01 within 0.30 and 1.00

Distance to spot ratio (*2): D : S = 10 : 1

Sensor: Thermopile

Spectral response (*3): 8 to 14μm

Response time: 0.5 second

Laser sighting: 1 point, Class II Laser (use less than 1mW of power)

Wave length: 650 nm

Operating ambient: 

0 to 50°C for temperature

less than 80%rh for humidity (no condensing)

Storage ambient: 

-20 to 50°C for temperature

less than 90%rh for humidity (no condensing)

Power requirement: 9VDC battery x 1

Power consumption: max. 40mA (when Laser and Backlight ON)

Battery Life:

approx. 5 hours (Laser & Backlight ON)

approx. 12 hours (Laser ON & Backlight OFF)

approx. 8 hours (Laser OFF & Backlight ON)

approx. 55 hours (Laser & Backlight OFF)


Selectable emissivity

Backlight ON/OFF

Laser marker ON/OFF

Auto power off

Auto hold

Dimensions: (W) 45 x (H) 157 x (D) 80 mm

Weight: approx. 151 g (with battery)

Materials: Unit: ABS resin

Standard accessories: 9V battery x 2 (one is factory set), Sensor cap with hand strap, Soft pouch



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