skSATO SK-93F-II 偏转叶片式风速计 (0.7~25m/s;0.01~99.00m3/s)

Measuring range:

Wind velocity: 0.7 to 25.00m/s 

Wind run: 0.01 to 99.00m3/sec.

Temperature: -10 to 50°C


Wind velocity: ± (5% rdg + 0.5) m/s

Wind run: Measurement accuracy + operational error

Temperature: ±1°C


Wind velocity: 0.01m/s

Wind run: 0.01m3/sec

Temperature: ±1°C

Display sampling: approx. 1 sec.

Sensing elements:

Wind velocity (wind run): rotation detection by vane (propeller)

Temperature: thermistor

Operation ambient:

Main body: 0 to 50°C

Probe: -10 to 60°C

Storage ambient: -20 to 60°C

Power requirement: 9VDC (6F22 (006P)) battery x 1 pc.

Battery life: approx. 100 hours (without RS-232C output)


Main unit: 71(W) x 181(H) x 38mm(D)

Vane: dia. 70 mm

Cord length: approx. 0.5m

Weight: approx. 0.36kg (including battery)

Accessories: 9VDC (6F22 (006P)) battery x 1 pc. Carrying case

Option: AC adapter (No.7687-52)

RS-232C cable (No.7687-90)



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