skSATO SK-EM-01 数显万用表 (-10°C~50°C;<90%rh)

Display: 7 segment LED (height of character: 20mm)

Power requirements: 100 to 240V AC ±10% (50/60Hz)

Power consumption: 11VA (100 to 240V AC)

Operating ambient: Temperature:-10°C to 50°C, Humidity: lower than 90%rh(No condensing),Max. elevation: 2000m

Display accuracy: 

±(0.3%FS+1dgit) within measuring range

Thermocouple input: excluding cold junction temperature compensation accuracy.

Thermocouple B: ±5%FS at lower than 400°C

Thermocouple T,U: ±0.5%FS at -100°C to 0°C

±1%FS at lower than -100°C

Insulation resistance: 

Between input/output terminal-power terminal: more than 500VDC; 20MΩ

Between input/output terminal-earth terminal: more than 500VDC 20MΩ

Dimensions/weight: (W)96 × (H)48 × (D)111mm (inside100mm)/ approx. 250g



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