skSATO SKR-M10C 混合记录器 (1 pen type)


Measuring point: 1, 2 

Measuring period: 125ms


Direct voltage: ±10mV, 0 to 20mV, 0 to 50 mV, ±200mV, ±1V, ±10V, 0 to 5V

Thermocouple: R,S,B,K,E,J,T,C,N,PR40-20,PL,Au-Fe,U,L

RTD: Pt100, JPt100

Direct current: 4 to 20mA DC (shunt resistor: 250Ω)

Performance, characteristics:

Accuracy rating: Less than ±0.3% of rdg±3digit: Digital display, printing

Noise rejection ratio: 

Normal mode rejection ratio: more than 60dB(50/60 ±0.1Hz)

Common mode rejection ratio: more than 140dB(50/60 ±0.1Hz)

Insulation resistance: Each terminal to ground terminal; More than 0.5kV DC 20MΩ

Withstand voltage: 

From power terminal to ground connection terminal; 1.5 kV AC, 1 minute

From Input terminal to ground connection terminal; 0.5 kV AC, 1 minute

Vibration resistance : 10 to 60 Hz less than 1m/s²

Impact resistance: Less than 2m/s²


Output points: 3 points (a contact, built-in option)

Contact capacity: 250V AC 3A Max (Resistance load), 30V DC 3A Max (Resistance load)

Communication function: Type : RS-232C (Standard), RS-485 (option)

Power requirement: 

Power requirement: 100 to 240V AC (50/60Hz)

Maximum power consumption:Less than 30VA (100V AC)


Mounting: Embeded panel, Door:dust-proof, water-jets-proof (conformity to IEC529-IP65)

Dimensions: 144W×144H×150D(mm)

Weight: Approx. 2.0 to 2.5 kg

Operation ambient: Normal operating conditions: Temperature:0 to 50°C; Humidity:20 to 80 %RH


Recording method: Disposable felt pen

Printing method: Wire dot (1 color ink ribbon)

95% step response: Less than 1.0s  

Recording paper: Length: 16m, Width:114mm, Width(folded): 40mm

Recording paper forwarding speed: From 5 to 12000 mm/h

Recording color: Red, printing color: Purple



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