Skylark CDN-5320 浪涌耦合/解耦网络安全测试仪

Open output voltage: 6kV (Max) ±5%

Short-circuit output current: Up to 3kA ±5%

Surge trigger mode: Sync or asynchronous; Surges inject phase

Free set 0-360 degrees, resolution 1 degree

The way the surge is triggered: Automatic or manual, triggered at a single time

Network capacity: AC: three-phase 380V, 32A, 50/60Hz DC: 380V, 20A

How the network is coupled: 

- Line-Line (L1-N, L2-N, L3-N)

- Line-ground (L1-PE, L2-PE, L3-PE, N-PE, L-N-PE)

Built-in network-coupled devices

- Line-line

- 18'F capacitor

- Line-ground

- 10-o resistance s.9 s. capacitor

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