Skylark CDN-5802A 耦合解耦网络设备

Applicable range: ≤4kV, 10/700us waveform, 8 lines of unshielded symmetrical communication lines

Test voltage: up to 4kV (10/700us waveform, connected to RJ45 connector, not connected to RJ45 connector, the maximum test voltage is 1.5kV)

Coupling mode: 90V gas discharge tube s 250ohm resistance / per line, 8 lines at the same time - ground (common mode)

Input, output interface: RJ45 female head

Terminal layout (RJ45 connector):

- First pair: pins1/2

- Second pair: pins3/6

- Third pair: pins4/5

- Fourth pair: pins7/8

Data transfer rate: 100MBit/s (up to 1000M)

Network operating voltage: up to 50V DC

Network operating current: up to 1A



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