Skylark ESD-2005 静电放电发生器 (0,5 ~ 30kV ± 5%)

The output voltage:0.5~30kV±5%

Voltage polarity:Positive or negative

Trigger mode: SINGLE,single COUNT

Discharge according to the set number of discharges: 20pps 20 times per second

Discharge mode: Contact or air gap

Discharge interval: 0.1~9.9s (when in 20pps mode, the discharge interval is 0.05s)

counter: 0~999 (used to count the number of discharges)

RC Kit: 150pF±10%, 330Ω±10% (special requirements can be customized)

Discharge electrode

Conical contact discharge electrode and spherical air gap discharge electrode

Air gap discharge voltage holding time: More than 5 seconds

Use environment: Ambient temperature: 10℃~35℃ Relative humidity: 30%~60%

power supply: Single-phase AC85~265V, 50/60Hz

Shape/weight: Host 250×210×130 (D×W×H)/about 4kg



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