Skylark LSG-6K10W WIFI雷电浪涌发生器 (6kV ±5%)

Open circuit output voltage: 6kV (Max) ±5%

- Front time: 1.2μs ±30%

- Pulse half peak time: 50μs ±20%

Short circuit output current: Maximum 3kA ±5%

- Front time: 8μs ±20%

- Pulse half peak time: 20μs ±20%

Output polarity: Positive, negative, positive and negative cycle, alternating positive and negative, first positive and then negative, first negative and then positive

Output impedance: 2Ω±10%

Surge trigger mode: Synchronous or asynchronous; Surge injection phase

Freely set 0-360°, resolution 1°

Surge trigger method: Automatic or manual, single trigger

Number of surges: 1-9999 times

Programmable test program: Built-in IEC standards and user-defined programs, up to 1000 groups

Surge interval time: 20-9999s

Built-in surge voltage monitoring attenuation ratio: 1000:1

Built-in surge current monitoring attenuation ratio: 1000:1

Measurement accuracy: Better than 5%

Peak surge voltage and current display: LCD synchronous display

Surge voltage and current monitoring output: BNC coaxial terminal, ≥1MΩ

EUT voltage and current monitoring parameters

LCD real-time display: AC voltage, current

Built-in network capacity:

- AC: Single-phase 300V, 10A (16AMax), 50/60Hz

- DC: 300V, 10A (16AMax)

Built-in network coupling:

- Line-Line (L-N)

- Line-ground (L-PE, N-PE, L+N-PE)

Built-in network coupling device:

- Line-line

- 18μF capacitor

- Line-ground

10Ω resistor + 9μF capacitor

Use environment: Temperature: 15°C-35°C relative humidity 10%-75%

System power: AC220±10%, 50/60Hz

Dimensions: Width 470mm×Height 260mm×Depth 500mm

Total Weight: About 30kg

Product Standard:

- GB 18802.1

- IEC/EN 61000-4-5

- IEC/EN 61850-3

- ITU-T K.12

- ITU-T K.20

- ITU-T K.45

- UL1449

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