SMAC ZB3060x16 Frequency Conversion Radial Drilling Machine

Max.drilling diameter(on Medium-carbon steel)(mm): Ø62

Max.drilling diameter(on cast iron)(mm): Ø72

Max.tapping diameter(on Medium-carbon steel): M46

Max.tpping diameter(on cast iron): M52

Max.distance from spindle to generating line of colum(mm): 350-1600

Distance of horizontal movement for spindle box(manual)(mm): 1250

Max.distance between spindle endto the worktable surface of the base(mm): 350-1250 of the spindle(mm): 315

Spindle taper bore: MT.5

Spindle speed step: Stepless

Spindle speed range(r/min): 38-275,275-2000

Spindle feed steps: 8

Spindle feed range(mm/r): 0.06-1.00

Speed of rocker arm up and down movement(m/min): 1.2

Rotation angle of rocker arm.(degree): ±180

Distance of spindle movement for calibrated dial each revolution(mm): 122

Power of main motor(tranducer motor)(KW): 4

Power of motor for rocker arm up and down movement(KW): 1.7

Power of oil pump motor for spindle box,column and rocker arm clamping(KW): 0.75

Weight of machine(kg): 3800

Machine dimension(LxWxH)(mm): 2490x1000x2508

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