• new linear guides on all axis, no head shaking like competitor machines using small belts and simple round rods
  • new winder mechanics on our integrated push feeders
  • new 3 side feeder possible having slots to move wasted tape under the machine
  • new bottom camera position changed both cameras reachable for both heads
  • new mounting options inside the working area
  • new stronger motors and belts used
  • new small tray feeder included on north and south side of PCB holder

Nozzle Changer

6 slot nozzle changer included!


West: 28x 8mm

North: 2x 24mm, 3x 16mm, 6x12mm, 11x 8mm

East: 28x 8mm optional!

West feeder has fixed configuration

North feeder customizable

East feeder customizable

All feeders included!


Small trays on North and South side included!

Big tray optional!

Motion system

High torque stepper motors on X and Y axis microstepping resolution 0,02mm.

Stepper motors for Z axis and A1 + A2.

Angle resolution 0,0278 degree 1/6400


Linear guides from HIWIN in X / Y / Z axis.

Linear guides on each push feeder side.

Strong belt system.

Working area: 300 x 300mm NW and 300 x 250mm NWE

Vision system

2x Bottom cameras using differnt magnification

1x Top camera for fiducial detection / measurements

1x USB Video digitzer included.


OpenCV based vision system.


English Windows software included based on Yusheng system.


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  • 正品保修
  • 送货到家
  • 交易简单化