Sobekk SP-3015B 数字式投影仪

Metal stage size: 340×152mm

Glass stage size: 190×75mm

Travel—X, Y axis: 150×50mm

Z axis travel: 80mm

Over dimensions: 480×780×1150mm

Weight: 135kg

Projection screen: effective diameter (mm): φ300mm, working scope>φ300

Projection screen’s rotation angle: 0~360°

Resolution of rotation angle: 0.01° or 1′

Accuracy of the rotary angle: 6′

Object lens’s magnification: 10×(standard) 20×(optional) 50×(optional) 100×(optional)

View-field of object (mm): φ30   φ15   φ6   φ3

Working distance for object (mm): 75       69    26    26

Resolution of X Y: 0.001mm(digital display)

Accuracy: (3+L/75)μm

Stage support: 3kg

Data processor: DS-401 or DS600

Ascent and descent mechanism: 45 ° oblique tooth gear

Profile light source: 12V/100W tungsten halogen lamp

surface light source: 24V/150W tungsten halogen lamp

Power supply: 110V/220V (switch) ; 50/60HZ(switch)

Optional accessories: attached RS232 interface, optional 2D measuring software

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