SONIC GF-2500S (STEAM) 超音波気体流量計 (5~60m/s)

  • 制造商: SONIC
    Model: GF-2500S (STEAM)
    来源: Japan
    保障: 12 month
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Fluid condition: Steam (saturated)

Applicable pipe diameter: New・・・50A ~ 400A(*1,3)

  Compatible・・・50A ~ 200A(*1,2)

Spool piece: Pipe diameter・・・50A ~ 400A(*1, 3)


  Material・・・SGP, STPG, SUS304, SUS316, STPY

Sensor socket: JIS 10k 40A FF (spool piece installed type)

  JIS 10k 40A FF (compatible socket screw type)

Installation requirement: Upper stream side 15D,

  Lower stream side : 5D or more

  (D is inner diameter)

*1: Consult sales representative if you have any questions.

*2: Applicable pipe diameter if you use a compatible socket.

*3: Applicable pipe diameter if you manufacture a new spool piece.

*4: Consult sales representative if used any flanges other than JIS10k

Sensor probe

Sensor probe: Applicable temperature・・・ Saturated steam of less than 183.3 ℃

  Applicable pressure・・・ 1MPa

Seal: Protect pipe・・・ Combine with FTR-70

Cable: Distance from sensor probe to convertor, 6m or 10m(standard)

Compatible socket: In case of existing spool piece



  Measurement method: Ultrasonic transit time method

  Measurement accuracy : +/- 1.0%FS(FS flow speed 5 ~ 60m/s)

  Reproducibility: +/-0.2%

  Resolution of flow speed: less than 0.5mm/sec

  Average time : standard 10sec (0.5 ~ 180sec)

Power supply

  Power supply: AC100V +/-10%, 50/60 Hz

  Power dissipation: Max. 25W


  Analog output (2 lines): DC4 ~ 20mA Load resistance : less than 1000Ω

  Pulse output (4 lines): Open collector standard 30V, 0.25V

  Power supply for pressure sensor: DC24V 0.2A

  Digital output: RS422, RS232C


  Pressure sensor: DC4 ~ 20mA


LCD: 128 x 240 dots LED back righ




Semi-clamp-on type, non-intrusive flowmeter

Gas seal unit enables sensor detachment without flow intervention

Easy upgrade with optional compatible socket for existing spool piece

No moving parts, low maintenance cost

No pressure loss

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