SONIC SLF-500 超音波液体流量計

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    Model: SLF-500
    来源: Japan
    保障: 12 month
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Measurement method: Ultrasonic transit time method

Calculation method: Digital calculation method

Accuracy: ±2%RD (1〜10m/s), ±2cm ( 0〜1m/s)

Fluid condition: Water and other liquids (input of sound speed)

  Liquid temperature: 0〜60℃

Applicable pipes: Nominal diameter ;15mm〜300mm (External diameter more than 20mm )

  Material; PVC, SUS and others (input of sound speed)

Analog output range: 0〜1m/s and 0〜10m/s

Averaging time:Standard 10 sec (range 0〜20 sec, 1sec steps)

Structure: Waterproof type (IP65 equivalnet)

Material: ADC12

Paint color: Munsell(5Y8/1.5)

Installation temperature ranges: 0〜+50℃

Installation humidity range: No dew condensation

Power supply: AC85〜264V, 50/60Hz

Power consumption: less than 2.5VA

Installation: 50mm pipe (panel or wall)

Output section

Analog output: Output contents; Instantaneous flow rate (normal/reverse flow)

  Output signal; DC4〜20mA

  Load resistance; less than 450Ω

  Output constant; 0〜20sec (1sec steps)

  Flow rate low cut; 0〜10% (1% steps)

Contact output: Output contents ;normal/reverse flow Integrated pulse, abnormal, upper/lower flow limit

  Output signal; Open collector x3

  Standard; DC30V, 0.25A

  Integrated units; 0.1L, 1L, 10L, 100L, 1m3 ,10m3

  Pulse width; 1.6msec or 50msec

  Intecrated low cut ;0〜10% ( 1% steps)

Digital output: Output; instantaneous flow rate, integrated flow, alarm

  Serial interface; RS-232C


LCD display: 16 characters × 2 lines

Display menu: instantaneous flow, integrated flow

Parameter configuration

Configuration items: FS flow, flow rate unit, integrated flow unit, and others

●Sensor probe

Model: SLT-20P

Material: PEEK, SUS304

Structure: Clamp-on type

Installation: V or Z type

Installed temperature ranges: -20~+70℃

Cables: Standard 10m 1.5C-QEV (Max. 30m)

Weight: Approx. 400g

Installation conditions: Upper stream side 10D, Lower stream side : 5D or more (D is inner diameter)

Structure: IP63




● Clamp-on type

● Wide measurement range ability

● Compact design

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