SONIC TA-200 隧道风速计 (0 to ±15m/s)

Measurement method Two-component wind speed coordinate transformation method using time division transmission / reception switching type ultrasonic pulse propagation

Installation method Vertical installation

Measurement direction Horizontal component parallel to tunnel wall

Measurement range 0 to ± 15m / s or 0 to ± 10m / s


Wind speed DC12 ± 8mA

Averaging time 10 seconds

Wind direction discrimination Polarity of wind speed value (+ or-)

Alarm output No-voltage make contact due to power interruption

Maintenance output No-voltage make contact by maintenance switch

Received abnormal output No-voltage make contact

Digital RS-232C or RS-422

Power supply AC100, 110, 200, 210, 220V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz




Measures wind speed from "zero" m / sec

No moving parts, excellent environmental resistance

Accurate measurement of tunnel axial component

Excellent maintainability (operation check by monitor)

Compatible with old model (TA-100)

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