SONIC WA-790 无尘室超声波风速计 (0-10m/s)

Measurement method Time division transmission / reception switching type ultrasonic pulse method

Calculation method     Ultrasonic propagation time reciprocal difference calculation method

Measurement item      Measurement components (A, B, C)

Measurement range 0-10m / s

Repeat measurement 10 times / sec

Digital output RS-422 (USB conversion by signal converter)

Power supply AC100-240V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz

Attached software - indoor average wind speed, the standard deviation measured for each point, From indoor distribution diagram of and velocity vector (two-dimensional cross-sectional view, a perspective view) pen plotter display wind speed changes over time (instantaneous value From and playback function), wind direction and 3D display of the size in real time (moving pictures can be saved)




Measures three-dimensional wind speed components

Measures wind speed from "zero" m / sec

Stable measurement is possible without being affected by temperature changes

Follow with 0.5 second response

Visualization of indoor wind speed and direction

Accurately measure airflow turbulence caused by equipment and work benches in clean rooms and factories

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